"Gruvedrift i circumferensen" (mining inside the circumference)

In the museum building at "Olavsgruva" (Olavís Mine) there is an exhibition "Gruvedrift i circumferensen" (Mining within the ca. 44,5 km circumference designated by Danish King Christian IV in 1646). The exhibition gives a short presentation of how the mines were operated at different periods and describes the minersí working and living conditions.


A visit to the mine museum should be combined with a guided tour of the mine itself, which comprises the two mines Ė "Nyberget" and "Olavsgruva". A walk through Nyberget (1650-1717) and Olavís Mine (1936-1972) shows the historical development of mining techniques. In Nyberget there are lighting and sound effects to conjure up the time when the miners were underground hacking at the rock. At "Olavsgruva", things have been left in an untouched condition just as they were around 1970 thereby avoiding making the mine look like too much of a museum.