"Geologien i Rørostraktene" (the geology of the Røros district)

In the museum building at "Olavsgruva" (Olavís mine) there is an exhibition of the geology of the Røros district. It comprises geological maps of Norway and Røros and there are rock samples taken from the various mines in the district.


The exhibition has samples of the types of rock and ore that have been responsible for more than 300 years of mining activity in Røros. The rock samples are from formations created by geological processes which took place over long periods of time and during periods of continental drift some 400 Ė 500 million years ago. In the Storwartz mining area "Nyberget" (Nyberget mine) was opened up in 1650, "Gamle Solskinn" (Gamle Solskinn mine) in 1673 and "Olavsgruva" (Olavís mine) in 1936 and during all the years of production a total of 1 280 000 tons of copper ore was mined. "Olavsgruva" was the largest, with an area of 150 000 square meters and an ore production of 1 131 000 tons.