The museum has four permanent exhibitions.

In "Smelthytta" (the smeltery) you can see "Kobberverket" (the copper works) and "Ti finpussa" (in their finery).

In the museum building at "Olavsgruva" (Olav's mine) you can view two different exhibitions. The first one is called "Gruvedrift i cirkumferensen" (mining within the ca. 44,5 km circumference designated by Danish King Christian IV in 1646), and the other exhibit is called "Geologien i Røros-traktene" (the geology of the røros district).

In addition, the museum has several changing exhibitions throughout the year.

The Røros Museum has two internet exhibitions: "Verdensarven Røros - en smakebit" (world heritage Røros a sample) and "Gellie-Laaketje - Sørsamisk mangfold i dag" (Gellie-Laaketje - Southern-Sami culture today).