The history of the Røros Smeltery

The smeltery was the very heart of the mining town’ existence. It was here the copper ore went through long and demanding processes in order to obtain the end product ready for export. Apart from when work stopped during mid-summer to enable workers to attend to their farms, production took place 24 hours a-day in the smeltery and in the ore yards. There was a great deal of traffic, both coming and going. The ore carriers used horse-drawn sledges and they came in from Storwartz, Nordgruvefeltet and other mining areas, and there were farmers who travelled great distances arriving with charcoal and firewood. Much of the transportation was taken over by train when the railway was opened in 1877. There was also the cable and bucket system that was built after 1900. However, in some districts horse and sledge continued to be used until production was finally closed down.
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