"Kobberverket" (The copper works)

The mining exhibition "Kobberverket" (the copper works) situated in the lower level of "Smelthytta" (the smeltery) shows examples of the methods used for mining and the smelting process in Røros in the 1700s and 1800s.


The introduction presents a short summary of the main events in the history of The Røros Copper Works together with an overview of the copper works' production. There is also an explanation of how The Copper Works was organised, its structure, finances and the consumption of materials and resources.

The various production processes which took place in the mines and the smeltery are represented by the use of working models on a scale of 1:10. These models give an excellent impression of the way in which the mining operations were carried out. The models themselves are fascinating and give us a better understanding of the history of the operation.