"Smelthytta" (The Smeltery)

The main exhibits in "Smelthytta" show us how mining activity took place in earlier times. There is information about how the rock in the mines were heated up by fires causing the rock to crack. This was the old method used to fracture the rock and expore the copper ore. In addition, there are working models of water wheels, horse-operated hoists, as well as pumps, all of which illustrate the old mining techniques.

The smelting process has been carried out on the banks of the Hitterelva river since 1646. Exhibits show how the cold roasters were built up and, in a cross-section of the smeltery, we can observe how the furnaces were equipped with bellows powered by water from the river. A large wall-chart shows the whole process of smelting in olden times and a series of photos illustrate the methods employed at the end of the 1800s. During the month of July there are daily guided tours as well as a demonstration of the process of casting miniature copper ingots. 

"The consumption of resources at The Røros Copper Works in the 1700s" is an exhibit that indicates the amount of copper produced at the copper works and what resources were required to produce that copper. It also shows how much profit was achieved in one average week of production in the year 1740.

"Ti finpussa" (in their finery) is an exhibition, which shows fine clothing from the Røros district including church clothes, christening robes, confirmation and bridal displays.

In addition, there are periodic exhibits of paintings and other works of art, and, in the entrance hall, there are exhibits and photographs from the work that took place inside the smeltery.

There are daily guided tours during the period 20.06 – 15.08:
Norwegian speaking guide at: 11.00, 14.00
English speaking guide at: 12.30  

The cost of a guided tour is included in the entrance ticket to the museum.

We also offer audioguides in norwegian, english and german if you would like to see the exhibits on your own. Audioguide is included in the entrance ticket and is available all year. 

Groups can request guided tours at anytime, please refer to "Visit us" in the upper menu under "Group rates".