Antique buildings

The Røros Museum was founded as an open-air museum in 1930. Several buildings were moved from their original sites to the museum at Doktortjønna. Some of these were going to be dismantled and some were given as gifts to the museum. The museum also has responsibility for buildings that are still standing on their original sites, such as the newspaper building, Fjeld-Ljom and five of the houses in "Sleggveien" (Slag Street). When the new museum building was erected in the 1980s the activity of the open-air museum, as such, was terminated. The buildings were returned to their original sites or erected in other suitable areas where they fitted in. The Røros Museum is responsible for 27 buildings, waterways and a dam, which supplies water to a stamping house.

Røros Museum is also responsible for the management of the buildings taken over by The Ministry of the Environment when The Røros Copper Works went into bankruptcy. This comprises more than 50 buildings and a large number of constructions. These buildings are situated at "Malmplassen" (the ore yard) and at Storwartz mining area.