The museum's collections

The Røros museum has a considerable number of items, photos, maps, drawings as well as an archive from the mining town of Røros and the surrounding district. The work of collecting and building up the cultural heritage of the area started in 1930 when Røros Museum Association was established.

Part of the Røros Museumís collection belonged to The Copper works. They comprise the Companyís historical collection, part of the archives and other items taken over by the Museum at the closure of the Company in 1977.

The Røros Museum owns 28 buildings. In addition, the museum manages 57 buildings and approximately 50 technical installations, or what is left of them, all owned by the state but previously owned by the Røros Copper Company.

The Røros Museumís collection provides a wide variety of material for those who wish to study the Røros community.