The Røros Museum publishes an annual publication named "Fjell-Folk" (Mountain Folk). The first edition was published in 1976. "Fjell Folk" aims at improving the understanding of the museumís historical work in general as well as to promote interest in local history. A considerable number of popular scientific articles have been published after more than 30 editions of "Fjell Folk". "Fjell Folk" contains articles submitted by the general public as well as those written by the museum staff.

Other publications presented by the museum are "Om kjerka på Røros" (about the church in Røros) a pamphlet, published at the time of the jubilee of the church in 1984, the paper entitled "Bergbryting i eldre tid" (1982) (breaking rock in olden times), "Smeltehytta på Røros" (1984) (the smeltery in Røros) and in 1979 the whole of the annual publication was devoted to the life and works of Johan Falkberget in connection with the 100 year anniversary of his birth.