One of the most important mining areas in Røros was situated at Storwartz. "Nyberget"  (Nyberget mine) was in production from 1650 until 1717 and again from 1861 until 1890. "Olavsgruva" (Olavís mine), the next youngest of the mines, was discovered and opened up in 1936.


During the years when the Røros Copper Works was in existence, technology progressed enormously. At "Nyberget", extraction of ore first started by firing and employing hammer and chisel, when work started up at "Olavsgruva", pneumatic drills and dynamite were used.

A trip to "Olavsgruva" is in itself a trip through history. Up in the treelass baren heights we find Øvre Storwartz, (upper Storwartz), which is one of the oldest mines in Røros. At "Nedre Storwartz" (lower Storwartz) the floatation mill looms over the landscape and the cable bucket system terminated here with the ore from extracted from "Olavsgruva".