Storwartz area


In the storwartz area there has been uninterrupted mining activity from 1645 until 1972. This area was one of The Copper Works' most important mining sites with 9 mines among which were "Game Storwartz" (old Storwartz) and "Nye Storwartz" (new Storwartz), "Gamle" og "Nye Solskinns gruver" (old and new sunshine mines) and "Kronprins Olavs gruve" (Crown Prince Olav's Mine).

The meeting point to join the tour is at the parking area, marked "P", near Storwartz Leirskole (yellow 2-story building). We proceed on foot up to "Øvre Storwartz" (upper Storwartz) where the guided tour starts.
The first place we stop is the cavern at "Gamle Storwartz" mine, which was opened up in 1645, here we can see traces of the old method of heating up the rock by placing a fire close to it causing the rock to crack ("fyrsetting"). According to the old saying this is the place where a farmer, Hans Aasen shot a reindeer buck all those years ago, and the other animals in their fright kicked away the moss covering the rock revealing a glittering copper ore. From here one can also look across to "Rauhåmmåren" where the very first mine started in 1644.

At "Nye Storwartz" (new Storwartz mine) from 1708 we can see the remains of the stone walls from the enormous barracks that provided accommodation for 200 men. We can also see what is left of dam constructions and water channels in the terrain.

In what is called the "wheel hole" there used to be a "kjerat", a reversible water wheel capable of rotating in both directions. This was used to drive a hoist in "Gammelsjakta" (the old shaft). A shaft is like a perpendicular tunnel or hole that is opened for the purpose of hoisting material into the mine and bringing the ore out and it also facilitates ventilation. In addition, there are several buildings that have been left standing by Røros Copper Works, among others, the floatation mill, a workshop and workers barracks. The newly restored cable-bucket system from "Olavsgruva" (Olavís mine) to Storwartz can be seen here.

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