What's on

Throughout the year the Røros Museum together with The Røros Museum's History Association and The Friends of Olavís Mine arrange a number of events. Lectures are presented by the Røros Museum in connection with local historical events together with courses on the preservation of historical buildings. The museumís regular events during the summer season are:

- Casting of souvenir copper ingots in "Smelthytta" (the smeltery), Monday Ė Friday from 01.07 Ė 02.08 at 15.00.

- Guided tour of "Smelthytta" (the smeltery), daily at 12.30 from 20.06 Ė 15.08.

- Groups are offered thematic historical hikes in the Storwartz mining area. Contact the Røros Museum for reservations.

-Groups are offered guided tours at the press museum "Fjeld-Ljom" with the only complete old-fashioned printing works in the Nordic countries as a special attraction. Contact the Røros Museum for reservations.

- The Røros Museumís History Association arranges photo evenings, lectures and tematic tours of historic Røros. Contact the Røros Museeum for dates and times of the events.

- The Friends of Olavís Mine arrange a demonstration of firing (the old method of heating up the rock causing the rock to crack) at Øvre Storwartz (upper Storwartz) at the end of the summer. Contact the Røros Museum for date and time of this event. 

At "Malmplassen" (the ore yard) there are also several other events such as concerts and the opening of "Rørosmartnan, the annual winter fair.