The museum's buildings

State property
In 1977 The Røros Copper Works was declared bankrupt and The Norwegian Department of The Environment assumed ownership. The assets comprised large tracts of land around "Smelthytta" (the smeltery) and "Malmplassen" (the ore yard), as well as land at the Storwartz area. These areas of land are usually referred to as "state land". The Røros Museum is responsible for the on-going management and improvement of these properties in cooperation with the The Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

The Røros Museum has the responsibility for the area around "Malmplassen", "Slegghaugene" (the slag heaps), the area around "Øvre Storwartz" (upper Storwartz) and the area around "Olavsgruva" (Olavís mine). At "Nedre Storwartz" the association "AOF" has a rental agreement with The Norwegian Department of the Environment. AOF has assumed responsibility for upkeep and maintenance of the buildings.

Most of the buildings and facilities that are state owned have some connection to the Copper Works' production. The buildings comprise, workshops, workersí barracks and different types of factory buildings. In addition, there are many other interesting facilities: Water channels, mining shafts and related buildings as well as a fully restored 1.4 km cable-bucket system.

The many different types of buildings present a considerable challenge with regard to restoration.