Mining History

From 1644 Røros has had more than 300 years of mining history. Until the middle of the 1800s Røros was a centre for industry and technology. In the Røros region more than 40 copper mines have been worked and more than 200 mines and open-cast sites have been worked to extract chrome.

The most important mining areas in the Røros region were "Storwartz" and "Nordgruvene". There has been activity at 12 smelteries of which Røros was the largest. It was around this smeltery that the town of Røros was built up.

The mining activity has left behind many cultural historical reminders in the Røros district. Protection of and care for the tangible reminders of our past, as well as the less tangible parts of our heritage are The Røros Museumís most important task.